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Non-blockable   and FREE statistics of the site visits

Site Statistics Script FRI Stats

Site Statistics Script FRI Stats :

•  Universal and simple php script site statistics (functional tracking)
•  Fast, light and understandable log analyzer (stored in MYSQL database) site visits (logger himself outwardly → hidden)
•  Unique monitoring of visits (interior detailed layout traffic statistics, i.e. from → where, what catches)
•  Considers visitors even with disconnected pictures, cookies and JavaScript, enabled anti-banner-counter filters
(for example, popular browser extensions: AdBlock (subscription EasyPrivacy), Ghostery, AdGuard, Stealth Mode, Tracking protection for IE and so on, external programs like: AdGuard, Ad Muncher) or using Anonymous Surfing (for example: private browsing mode in browsers, History Eraser, Firewall's ...), i.e. not blocked!
•  2 modes collecting and viewing visits, to choose from (selector [JS+] [JS-]):
    1) with robots (all visits, robots filtered and set in settings) - logger call server mode
    2) without robots (only real browser visits) - JavaScript logger call mode
•  He knows how to create any TOP visitation reports (have a filter and export to Excel)
•  Well optimized to work with massive statistics, doesn't overload the site
•  Suitable as an ordinary web-surfer, web-master, admin, so and SEO, SMM-specialist...
•  In the time of promotion of the site (traffic influx) the effect of the actions taken is well visible...

FRI Stats - contains more than 30 basic reports and allows you to take into account all visitors to the site (as people - Hosts, so are and the robots).
Robots are not counted, only for a special TOP report. Detailed statistics of the site makes it easy to watch all
pages (way on the site) which the visitor came to (click on the number in the "Hits" column), as well fixing any targets on the site.

To enter FRI Stats can be used as a main, as well as the demonstration (guest) login and password. For demo-enter default available only "Main" page and the script is protected from hacking. Entrances to the statistics FRI Stats (authorization logs) stored on the server in the file log_in.dat

Systemic requirements minimal
PHP over 4.3.2
MySQL over 4.0.17
Connects via php-insert include "stats/c.php"; where the script is c.php only records data on the visit
from server to BD and doesn't overload the pages of the site.
For html-pages whitout php code processing have a html-code call and FRI Stats can collect visitor statistics without robots.
I.e. 2 in 1: can watch both with and without robots (selector [JS+] [JS-]).

Demo! Login: demo, password: demo
In this demo mode is available all except the page "Settings" (Demo work on the usual virt. hosting)
youtube        YouTube :

Download :
The script is in a ZIP archive the size of: ~190 Kb
Easy to install, instructions in file help.txt
Not coded - code is open (free open source). There is no limit to the duration of use or the number of installations !

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